How long will it take to entirely remove my facial hair?
Based on my personal experience working on trans-women, it can take between 150 to 400 hours to completely clear an entire beard. The amount of time varies depending on the age at which you began (or begin) your transition and genetics. In general, the earlier in life a trans-woman begins her transition, more importantly began either chemically or physically stopping the production of male levels of testosterone, the fewer “male” hairs we will have to remove.

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Can you remove my body hair?
While I can remove your body hair, I do not recommend it. The reason I do not recommend it is that unlike your facial hair, your body hair will be effected by hormone treatment. I tell my clients not to even consider hair removal for their body hair until two years after they have begun hormone treatments. Generally by two year's time, your chest hair will be gone, under-arm hair reduced, arm and leg hair greatly reduced in density and follicle thickness, even your pubic hair will take on a feminine pattern. If after two years you still have a few problem hairs, we can easily treat them at that time.

During the time period that your body hair is slowly reducing you should only shave those areas to maintain a hair-free appearance. Over time the frequency you need to shave will be reduced. It is an "old-wife's" tale that shaving will increase hair growth. The truth however is that plucking or waxing those areas will only result in worsening the situation by thickening the hair follicles and increasing hair density.

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Will you treat my genital area so that I can get my sexual reassignment surgery (SRS)?
Yes, however, I only work on clients that I have had past experience with. I need to feel comfortable with a person before I am willing to do this type of very personal work. It is important that if I am going to work on you that you first contact your SRS surgeon as that he or she will have diagrams available so that I know the specific areas that need to be cleared. There are some doctors, such as Drs. Menard and Brassard that do not require hair removal prior to surgery. Other doctors such as Drs. Meltzer, Bowers and Alter have slightly different diagrams of the areas needing to be cleared.

Can you remove hairs in the genital area after my SRS surgery?
Yes, and more often than not, there are some stray hairs that will require removal. These hairs will almost always be in the labial area and sometimes all of the hairs can be cleared up in one or two sessions.

Please feel free to Contact Me for more information.

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