From the start, Michele put me at ease, educated me about the procedure and worked with my needs. I have been totally comfortable and thoroughly satisfied with the results. You can tell that Michele loves her profession and is good at what she does! This line of work requires skill that comes from long hours of practice as well as a fair amount of medical knowledge related to electrolysis and Michele has oodles of both. She is extremely thorough and dedicated. I heartily recommend her to anyone looking for a solution to their hair problems. I can assure you, it works! Before you think of other methods such as laser, I urge you to consider electrolysis and consult with her. You will be glad you did.Radha

Before going to Michele, I tried Laser, Thermolysis and the Blend Method but nothing worked. Michele does real Electrolysis, she's extremely knowledgeable, has a great personality and is by far the best at what she does. I have not had any of the hair she removed come back and it's been years now.Kate Walsh

"I have tried all kinds of electrolysis; but, galvanic is the most effective for me along with Michele." Claire Richards

As a "veteran" of electrolysis (short wave and blend methods with a number of practitioners), my experience with Michele has been incredibly positive. I’ve had excellent results with the multi-probe galvanic method that Michele uses and found it to be the least painful. But, even more importantly, Michele demonstrates a high-degree of professionalism that is all too rare these days. She is knowledgeable about hair growth and electrology. Her skillfullness is accompanied by an incredibly gentle touch. She uses up-to-date equipment; her work area is spotless; and she is constantly seeking and finding ways to make the experience as comfortable as possible. I recommend her highly.
W. D.

After years of struggling with unwanted hair growth and always feeling very self-conscious about it, my treatment area is now free of unwanted hair because of Michele and Malvern Electrolysis. She’s extremely gentle and precise with her treatment and I find myself often recommending her to friends and family. Most importantly, I am no longer self-conscious; in fact, I really don’t even think about it anymore.
Julie M.

I cannot praise Michele and Malvern Electrolysis enough, I simply do not have a "hair problem" anymore. Michele is very personable and concerned about making the treatments as pain free as possible. From the beginning of my treatments I was always amazed at the level of precision Michele works with and her extremely gentle touch. I have and will always only recommend Michele for people needing permanent hair removal.
Rachel G.

I have had great success with Malvern Electrolysis and recommend it highly. I tried laser treatments, microwave treatments and all the home remedies you can buy. It was incredibly frustrating to continue to spend money on things that didn't work and in some cases burned my skin too. The hair I had on my face was thick and dense enough that I was shaving it before I found Malvern Electrolysis. Its taken over a year, because of the volume of facial hair I had, but its been worth every single treatment. Its such a relief not to be looking in the mirror, with razor or tweezers in hand, every single day and not knowing where to start. I hardly even think about it anymore. I was very skeptical at first, but I had tried everything else and figured I had nothing to lose. Michele assured me she could help and she was absolutely right. She is professional, knowledgeable, and expert at her technique. I cannot stress enough how thrilled I am with the results.
Audrey N.

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