Michele Cohen
Over the years I have tried many forms of so-called "permanent" hair removal and the only form that I found to be truly effective is the Multi-Probe Galvanic method. In fact, I found this method to be so effective that I frequently traveled from Philadelphia to Phoenix, Arizona for treatment. It is my personal mission to save other people with hair growth problems the hours of pain and wasted money that I experienced while trying to find an effective method of permanent hair removal.

The first type of electrolygy that I tried was Thermolysis at a hair removal salon in Bryn Mawr, part of a nationwide chain of hair removal salons. This method was the most painful form of electrolygy I experienced; as well as, the most ineffective and expensive. At first this method seems to be very quick as each hair is treated for only a millisecond and then tweezed. Fairly large areas of haircould be treated during a session which would leave me with a very inflamed and irritated treatment area which would take several days to heal. Over time I discovered that the thermolysis claim of permanent hair removal, treating each hair only once, was simply not true. In actuality, in order for this method of "electrolygy" to be permanent, each hair must be treated several times over and over again. In my experience I did not experience any permanent hair removal with this method and what I found even more distressing is that it resulted in leaving permanent scarring.

The second method I tried was Laser which was performed in a doctor's office by a nurse. This method was by far the most painful method of any form of hair removal I encountered, including waxing and tweezing. In addition to being the most painful, it was also the most expensive with each treatment costing over $1000. Often I was told that Laser is a "permanent" hair removal treatment for patients that had light skin and dark hair, which I have. However even the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not allow Laser centers to claim "permanent hair removal," they must list their treatment as "permanent hair reduction." My personal experience with Laser was that it was definitely not permanent nor was it even a reduction as that all of the areas treated had full hair regrowth over time.

The third method of permanent hair removal that I tried is called the "Blend," which is actually a combination of Thermolysis and Galvanic electrolygy. This is the method that I found many people on the Internet praising for its effectiveness. I also tried this method with three different operators resulting in varying results. I mention that because this method as well as other electrolygy methods is very much operator dependent - the more skilled and trained an operator is, the more effective their method. This method also varied in pain, with the more painful treatments tending to be more effective. Of all of the operators I tried, they each left some amounts of scarring in the treatment area. Sadly, this method too, was not permanent for me. The effectiveness ranged from 100% ineffective to about 80% effective. This method also treats each hair several times in order to completely destroy the hair follicle and I guess it would have been possible to truly receive permanent hair removal with one of the operators I went to; but for me, it wasn't worth the scarring I was receiving from her treatments.

The last form of electrolygy that I tried was Multi-Probe Galvanic method. After much frustration with the other techniques of permanent hair removal, a friend of mine referred me to a woman in Phoenix, Arizona at Arizona Electrolysis. My friend not only didn't get any scarring from their treatments but she also truly received permanent hair removal. I learned that the galvanic method is the original true form of electrolysis and uses no damaging heat, unlike all the other methods of hair removal on the market today. Coincidentally, the galvanic method is the oldest form of permanent hair removal; although, today's methods are now computerized for even more accuracy. Personally, I found this method to be the least painful, quickest, and least expensive; because, unlike the other treatment methods, this method truly only needed to treat each hair follicle once. More importantly, I found this method to be 100% effective.

After all those years of frustration trying to find permanent hair removal for myself and more than 15 unsatisfying years in the marketing industry I decided that my career needed a change of direction--and that change needed to involve helping others and doing something that I truly loved. I decided that by practicing electrology I could accomplish both of those conditions. So for my own electrology education, I completed 1200 hours of apprenticeship training under the mentorship of a 30 year veteran of the multi-probe galvanic technique. Years later, I continue to love what I do and thrive on the satisfaction of knowing the multitudes of people that I've treated to attain truly permanent hair removal.

My hope is that I can save other people the pain, frustration, wasted time and money that I went through in trying to receive truly permanent hair removal, so if I can help you please feel free to Contact Me.


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