What patients can expect from me:

    • To be treated with respect and dignity.
    • Personal and professional boundaries will be respected at all times.
    • To have a treatment plan customized for their specific needs.
    • Strict privacy policy.
    • All of my equipment to be clean, sterilized (where applicable) and safe.

What I expect from my patients:

    • That the area on their body to be treated is clean and free of lotions, moisturizers and make-up.
    • That access to the area of the body being treated is not limited by the type of clothing worn. For example, a turtle neck or high collar shirt would limit access to the neck for treatment.
    • To provide an accurate personal health history at the first appointment/consultation and to be updated whenever changes in such occur.
    • To understand that the session will end and full payment will be required if I feel threatened or unsafe at any time during the appointment.
    • To notify me within the time frames listed below when canceling or changing an appointment:
      48 hours notice for appointments one hour or less.
      72 hours notice for appointments one to three hours.
      96 hours notice for appointments four hours or greater.
      A 50% charge will be required for appointments changed or cancelled within the times listed above.
    • Full payment will be required for appointments canceled within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment or in the case of a "no show."

    • Being more than five minutes late for an appointment will be included in the treatment time.

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