There is no need to continue to suffer distress due to unwanted hair. I can permanently remove your unwanted hair; as well as, help you to uncover the cause in order to prevent future unwanted hair growth. The method I practice is the multi-probe galvanic process of electrolysis, this is true electrolysis, and it is a gentle and safe way to permanently remove your unwanted hair.

What I do not do is practice Thermolysis (which uses heat to cauterize the hair and is scarring), The Blend Method (another form of Thermolysis, also scarring) nor Laser hair removal (once again scarring)--none of these methods are effective. The only truly effective method is the galvanic method of electrolysis which is also the only true form of electrolysis.

How does it work?
A fine filament (called a probe) is inserted into the hair follicle which releases a small amount of negative direct current (DC) exactly to the cells that are responsible for hair growth. Only the cells of the hair follicle are treated. The low current dosage results in no serious side effects to other tissue. The amount of current is very small so that the average patient describes the treatment as relatively painless.

Each of the individual 16 probes have been designed to recognize the insertion and are pre-programmed to administer a precise amount of current for a pre-programmed length of time in order to permanently remove the hair. Each hair only needs to be treated once.

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What is the difference between multi-probe galvanic electrolysis and most other methods?
The other methods (Laser, Thermolysis, Blend) attempt to injure the hair follicles by generating heat and burning the tissue. Unfortunately the heating is difficult to control and the delivery method inaccurate so they often miss the vital parts of the hair follicle. This results in the burning, scarring and pitting of the surrounding tissue and hair regrowth. Alternatively the multi-probe galvanic electrolysis method precisely targets the entire length of the hair follicle and gently changes the pH of the cells, leaving the hair follicle nonviable. This gentle process is not only more painless and non-scarring, but also by far the most effective method of permanent hair removal on the market today.

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Can all the hair in my problem area be removed during one session?
No. In the skin there are many follicles but not all the hair follicles are active at the same time. Some follicles are resting while the adjacent follicles are producing hair. Eventually the active follicles slow down, cease growing hair and revert to a resting stage. They remain inactive for many months with the dead hair (club hair) hanging in the opening of the follicle for up to one year. When this club hair sheds it leaves no evidence of the follicle just under the surface. Meanwhile those follicles that were previously resting become active and commence growing hair. This continuously alternating process of growth and resting is referred to as the hair growth cycle. We can only treat hairs that are visible at the surface of the skin and must wait for the alternate hairs to appear before treating them. For this reason, treatments usually extend over a four or five month period and sometimes even longer depending on the amount of hair to be treated.

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Does the Multiple Probe Galvanic method work on areas that have been previously tweezed, waxed, or treated with Laser or other forms of hair removal?
Yes, the multi-probe Galvanic method works on all types of hair and all areas of the body (except mucous membrane such as inside the nostrils), regardless of what treatment has occurred in the past.

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