One of the most common female conditions that I see and treat in my clients is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). A characteristic of PCOS is excessive facial and body hair; in addition to, irregular or absent menstruation and acne.

More often than not my clients do not even realize that they have this condition when they come to see me. Over the years, I've become quite good at recognizing this condition both visually and symptomatically; and, when I do, I recommend that the client goes to see an endocrinologist who can confirm and treat the endocrine disorder. I highly recommend that my clients see Dr. John J. Orris, a renowned endocrinologist / obstetrician / gynecologist located on the Main Line who has successfully diagnosed and treated many of my clients.

Typical treatment includes birth control pills, anti-androgen medication and other special hormone-regulating drugs. Once treated medically, over time, the excessive body hair will be greatly reduced; however, the facial hair will not which is where my services come in. Through galvanic electrolysis, I can permanently remove a PCOS client's existing excessive facial hair; however, it is important that the client continues medical treatment of the PCOS to prevent future excessive growth.

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